Professional Loving Care in Your Home 

Pine Bush Pet Sitting



How Our Service Works...

When you call us, we will arrange a visit to your home to:

Meet you and your pet(s)

Discuss a detailed plan for the care of your pet(s)

Pick up the key to your home or apartment

During this visit, you decide how often you want us to visit each day that you are away and what services you would like performed.  Fees are based on the number and type of pets and the number of visits per day.  

While You Are Away We Will...

Feed and water your pets

Give them exercise

Administer medicine, vitamins or any other special care

Arrange for medical care in the event your pet falls ill

While Taking Care Of Your Pets...

We are happy to water your plants and make your home look "lived in" by bringing in the mail and newspapers and adjusting draperies and lights.